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5 – 6 November2015 I Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center I Bali, Indonesia


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  • Bali Short Tours
    Bali Short Tours
    Our range of half-day tours
    encompasses some of
    Bali’s most magical,
    cultural treats. Immerse
    yourself in the unique
    customs through dance,
    temple tours, eclectic
  • Bali Full Day Tours
    Bali Full Day Tours
    For those who want to
    experience the 'full
    whammy' and indulge in a
    full-day tour, the sights,
    sounds and serenity of Bali
    are brought to life through
    our hand-picked tour
  • Bali Cruise & Sailing Tours
    Bali Cruise &
    Sailing Tours
    The Indonesian Ocean has
    a vast range tropical
    marine life. Our tours
    enable you to embark on
    adventures into the deep
    blue, or simply experience
    serenity while floating on
  • Bali Overnight Packages
    Bali Overnight
    Overnight package tours
    enable you to get to know
    Balinese culture better.
    Comprising adventure and
    nature, tours combine fun,
    activity and information,
    ensuring that you
  • Cooking Class Tours
    Cooking Class
    The secrets behind the art
    of Balinese cooking are
    easily shared and learnt at
    a local cooking class.
    The tours include sourcing,
    preparing and then of
    course enjoying the
  • Soft Adventure Tours
    Soft Adventure
    Getting to grips with Bali’s
    exotic landscape is easily
    done on one of our Big Soft
    Adventure tours which
    include elephant treks,
    whitewater rafting, bicycle
    tours and